It is true that a designer rubbing shoulders with anti-matter is disturbing.

If we know the accuracy and poetry of his design, Jean-François D'Or orbits and rubs shoulders with other disciplines.

He plunges us into a mixture of genres, between musical approach, metaphysics, lunatic mood, revisited pataphysics, poetic quantum and other p(r)oses.

He summons multiple objects and exploits them in an unusual way to reveal and popularise certain physical phenomena.

In his quantum, he tells us about apéirophobia, the thrill of the infinite that refers to the finitude of the human being in the face of the immensity of the cosmos.

As much vertigo in the face of our own insignificance, he teases absurdity and juggles between wonder and derision.

These are the reflections of a mental universe that Jean-François D'Or makes us discover in his concerts and performances.

Suspended moments, out of time, he lends himself to unexpected interpretations and experiences.

As he says, he has ants in his cortex that he tries to feed with experiences and stories.

No doubt out of carelessness, insomnia, contradiction; in the hope of winning the small space of a smile, trying to awaken the indecent thrill of being moved.

Popularized experiments, piano, guitar, texts.

Conception and interpretation: Jean-François D'Or.


Saturday 12 February 2022, 18:30. Brussels.

PRICE 15 euros

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