The studio Aequo works on the brick in all its facets, notably by rethinking relevant and artistic ways of using the waste generated in construction. In this sense, several workshops will be conducted at the CID of Grand-Hornu to discover the possibilities of brick and experiment with them. The different audiences will be invited to bring their own touch to the exhibition since the creations will take place within the exhibition itself. In June, the exhibition will be finished with a festive event where everyone will be able to pick up their creations and take a part of the exhibition home with them.

In the collective imagination, the brick is a solid parallelepiped, but with the arrival of extrusion techniques, bricks have taken on new shapes. Each manufacturer has a unique brick shape. While the visible face in construction is always solid, the inside of the brick reveals patterns. This diversity of hidden patterns forms a real graphic library, a source of inspiration and fascination for the Aequo studio. It is to highlight its aesthetic richness, that the studio sought to use the brick as a graphic tool that will be highlighted in the creation of an artistic print by brick stamp.

Price: 5 euros
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